Covid-19 Updates

Thank you for choosing Albany Animal Hospital! During these difficult times our aim is to continue to provide quality services, uninterrupted, for as long as possible. In order to do so, we are continuing to follow all state and local guidelines (MASKS, 6’ SOCIAL DISTANCING, HAND WASHING) to help maintain a healthy workforce as well as protect customers and our community. Due to extra sanitization practices and safety guidelines we have changed the way we provide services and because of that, it takes a bit longer to complete exams and procedures, as well as fill product requests. We continue to experience a higher than normal call volume but are now 2-WAY TEXT CAPABLE!!


  • TEXT US at our business phone number when you arrive in our parking lot for any reason. If we do not respond within a reasonable time frame, please KNOCK on our FRONT DOOR to notify us of your arrival, and we will greet you as quickly as possible.
  • If you choose to CALL to notify us that you have arrived and we do not answer, please DO NOT LEAVE A VOICE MESSAGE.
  • Please come and KNOCK on our FRONT DOOR to notify us of your arrival if we have not answered your call after the second try. We will  assist you as quickly as possible. 
  • If we have not responded to your call or text in a reasonable time frame, please do not continue to sit in your vehicle beyond your appointment time. PLEASE KNOCK ON OUR DOOR.
  • If  you come to the door, or for any reason must be face to face with an employee or doctor, we ask that you wear a proper face covering  or mask.
  • When an employee answers the door, please follow social distancing guidelines and STEP BACK AWAY FROM THE ENTRANCE, behind the orange line.


  • When requesting prescription refills or diet requests, PLEASE PLAN AHEAD as much as possible.
  • We are asking for at least 24-48 hours notice to fill requests of ANY kind.
  • Please be aware, prescription diets may be on back order or unavailable due to delays in manufacturing or shipping, which is beyond    our control.
  • We will return your phone messages and texts as quickly as possible or within 24-48 BUSINESS hours.
  • We DO NOT respond to text messages AFTER BUSINESS HOURS and will return your text within 24-48 hours of receiving it.
  • If your pet has an urgent care need that should be addressed immediately and you have not received a timely response back from us        or our after-hours doctor on call, PLEASE contact your nearest emergency and critical care veterinarian in your area.

THANK YOU FOR HELPING US STAY HEALTHY, so we can continue to provide service for you and your pets! We appreciate your understanding and patience and value your business!



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  • "You guys are the nicest people. After we had to put my cat whiskers down you sent us a condolence card. Then when my dog ate grapes you took her in and saved her life. Even going so far as to give me a glass of water and putting a note on my account to never put me in the same room that I last saw my cat alive after I had a panic attack from just looking at the door. Thank you guys so much for taking great care of my pets."
    Megan V.